Harder, better, faster, stronger? Or could it be done differently? At the LOW TECH FESTIVAL we will be exploring whether and how low tech could facilitate sustainable living. We will also be looking at more environmentally friendly techniques and materials from the South. How to treat the environment and one another with more respect?


    Sa 22 jun 2019 13:30-17:30 | LOW TECH FESTIVAL | De Roma, Borgerhout 

    Low Tech Festival is organised by 11.11.11, Rooftoptiger, De Roma, and the culture department of the Borgerhout district.

    Sa 15 sep 2018 15:00-20:00 | LOW TECH LAB | Archipel, Antwerp

    LOW TECH LAB is organised by 11.11.11, Rooftoptiger, BOS+, Het Oude Badhuis with support of the City of Antwerp, and Province of Antwerp