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    Platform for mutilingual encounter in Antwerp North

    BabelBühne is a sustainable outdoor sculpture made up of terraces and water features, inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The Bühne is the follow-up story to the collaborative building project Tower of Babel (summer 2019), which was an ode to multilingualism and linguistic confusion. BabelBühne is a meeting place for all languages and a melting pot of all kinds of arts, tones and tastes. In a green urban oasis you can enjoy a literary afternoon, a multilingual children's reading, a workout at dawn and live neighbourhood radio. BabelBühne also literally gives you a sense of multilingualism, because twice a week a worldly kitchen serves you some colorful fresh meals. If we have to spend the summer at home this year, then BabelBühne lets you travel the world within your own city!

    BabelBühne is the sequel to Toren van Babel (2019) and is a collaboration between Rooftoptiger, Maud Vanhauwaert, Behoud de Begeerte, Bib Permeke, Antwerpen Danst, Kras Dam, Samenlevingsopbouw Antwerpen Stad, Buurtwerking Elegast Den Dam, Radio Centraal, Archipel Kunstenwerkplek, De Moestijn, Fameus, Atlas Integratie & Inburgering Antwerpen, Open School Antwerpen, Loods Des Doods, Rode Kruis Vlaanderen – o.c. Linkeroever and many more.

    With the support of Antwerp District, City of Antwerpen, Antwerp Book city, Permeke Library, Het Oude Badhuis, and Literature Flanders.

    @Archipelsite, Antwerp DAM 

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    PROGRAM September

    Wednesdays for children from 4 to 12 y, organised with Bib Permeke.
    Storytellers take you on a multilangual journey by reading out loud exciting tales in Dutch and another language.

    Fridays from 18h - 18h30-21h
    With Babelbouf, both cooks and musicians offer you the best of different worlds. Slide at the table in the open air for a freshly prepared meal from our kitchen, after enjoying a musical appetizer. During the evening, Maud Vanhauwaert organises an open mic: five poets take over the Bühne and make their voices be heard, in any language whatsoever!  


    Every Saturday, the Bühne gets somehow hijacked by local talent and their own artistic languages. Come and let yourself be surprised by all kinds of artistic disciplines, from underground beats to eccentric performances and rap.


    20/8 - 26/9
    Feel like sitting, hanging, lying down and reading a book in the shades of the Bühne? The library is always open for you!

    Together we keep it COVID-free: the stage is outdoors but as a parent, be sure to bring a mouth mask, keep the social distanding standard and stay at home if you have been ill or showed symptoms seven days before the event.


    Fr 25.09 18h-21h | BabelBouf | Palet + Theater show 'Dit is het' by Het Zesde Bedrijf
    Sa 19.09 
    19h-22h | BabelPutch | KunstZ  | BabelBouf | Afghanistan + Rake's Progress
    Sa 12.09 
    19h-22h | BabelPutch | Cypher by Bagera
    Fr 11.09 
    18h-21h | BabelBouf | India / Chez Mahesh + Feathers & More
    We 09.09 
    15h-17h | BabelFabel | In Search of the Sea Gull  
    Sa 05.09
    19h-22h | BabelPutch | Doom over BabelBühne by 9Volt Battery Club and (R.I.P.) OnderGronds
    Fr 04.09 
    8h-21h | BabelBouf | Jemen + Trastiempo
    We 02.09
    15h-17h | BabelFabel | Letter from Herman
    Su 30.08
    11u-13u30 | BabelBrunch | Peru + Comunity center Elegast Den Dam
    Sa 29.08
    15h-17h | BabelBad XXXXL | with Maud Vanhauwaert and many others
    Fr 28.08
     18h-21h | BabelBouf | Syria + De Takken
    We 26.08
     15h-17h | BabelFabel | Wachten Op De Matroos
    Su 23.08 11h-13h30 | BabelBrunch | Veganation
    Sa 22.08 15h-17h | Kickoff BabelBühne
    Fr 21.08 18h-21h | BabelBouf | Mexico + Marcelo Moncada en Luca Kortekaas
    We 19.08 15h-17h | BabelFabel | De nachtegaal