2. Waking Life 19 - 24 June 2024

    A floating hotel, an alternative resort, a magical shelter. Be our guest!

    AIRHOTEL by RooftopTiger (BE)

    Bushcraft Wellness & Radical Tenderness

    In Airhotel the public is given the chance to be part of experience-based and performative interactions as guests of floating hotels, alternative resorts and magical shelters.

    Since 2023, Airhotel has descended on the grounds of Waking Life, Crato, Portugal as a permanent Art installation. 

    "They are all beautiful and playful, like something designed by a mad professor with lots of help from a very imaginative child, fully embracing Rooftoptiger’ nomadic attitude."  The Guardian

    performers 2024: Sara Dandois, Bram Rombouts,Joanna Madclone, James Lethbridge, Kell Mertens, Inés Ballesteros, Adriana Mc Kenzie, Inês Salomé Marques Rodrigues, Miranda Marimira, Ludovica Andrenacci, Luciana Bastos, Annette Brinckerhoff

    Crew: René Amado & Marco Pïretto 
    Lights: Waking Life

    'With support of the Flemish Gouvernment'

  3. Announcement: Antwerp Art Weekend K.A.D.E.(Kunst Aan Den Engie) and opening gallery space at Archipel 16.05 - 19.05 2024

    K.A.D.E. (Kunst Aan Den Engie) is a group exhibition at the former ENGIE site at the Lobroekdok in Antwerp North. The theme of the exhibition arises, on the one hand, from the physical condition of the place, which is located along the quay, a brick bank strip on the dock.

    A dock is an anchorage, loading or unloading place, from which one departs and to which one returns.

    A zone for trade and a crossroads where all kinds of goods and people from different regions cross and meet each other. The waterfront is what brings them together.

    On the other hand, the theme of 'energy' is also included in the title, referring to the site's former activity.

    K.A.D.E. is an exhibition in an industrial building, located on the shore. She is squeezed between the yards for the ‘Overkapping van de Ring’ and the construction of the new ‘Groene Poort’ district, but also draws inspiration from this changeable condition. Since the summer of 2023, the site has been occupied by about 30 artists from various profiles, who are building their temporary landing site and workplace there.

    They charge this space on the water with their art(s).

    During Antwerp Art Weekend, Archipel will open their permanent gallery space at the new location, where monthly exhibitions will be shown. Expect a series of multi-disciplinary or site specific and eclectic works by Archipel’s old and new members, exhibited at the former Engie site & on the quay.

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    Looking back on Damstories...>>>

    From October 13 to 15, 2023, Damwijk came alive with DamStories, a visual documentary and evening stroll directed by Peter De Graef and Sara Dandois in collaboration with RooftopTiger, Tulpa, and Meneer Zee.

    The event provided a captivating exploration of Dam's rich history and vibrant present. Through storytelling and visuals, participants gained a profound understanding of Dam's evolution and its significance in the city's context.

    DamStories not only opens the doors to the future but does so in collaboration with the local residents. For a year now, they have been collecting stories, anecdotes, and photos about the neighborhood, resulting in a growing archive. This archive will be showcased in the Mini-Museum and forms the foundation of this enchanting audio walk. The authentic tales of Dam residents, transporting us to the times of dockworkers, butchers, and sailors, come to life in this experience.

    DamStories celebrates the community's past, present, and future, creating a powerful connection between residents and their stories.