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    (c) Siege Dehing

    (c) Siege Dehing

    (c) Siege Dehing

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      (c) Siege Dehing

    On Thursday 25th of November the Noorderlicht-parade will start at Archipel and together with all kinds of people we will march to a big party at AP Hogeschool.

    During this evening the streets will be filled with music, dance, theatre and sculptures, all with the same theme: 'Mother'.

    On Saturday afternoon 13 & 20 November Rooftoptiger would like to invite everyone to come to our cosy garden of SpaRadijs (near BabelBühne).
    We will help you create your own paper latern! So, just come over between 12h30-15h and bring a beautiful coloured autumn leaf.

    Also, there will be fresh hot soup for free!

    You can find us at the entrance of BabelBühne, just across Korte Slachterijstraat.

    The Parade itself will start on 25.11 at 18h30 @Archipel. The walk will take about 90 minutes and then the party can begin!

    You can join for free, no reservation needed.

    More info:

    >> https://www.ap.be/parade-noorderlicht

    In collaboration with AP Hogeschool and with the support of District Antwerpen.

  2. The Utopiamachine will be presented from 2 till 5 January 2022 on Square del Maresme as part of the exposition of El Parc de la Màgia d'Orient i.c.w. Antigua i Barbuda.

    The Utopiamachine is a futuristic-looking carousel made out of recycled materials. There’s room for forty passengers on this revolving flight of dreams stimulating your imagination and creativity. The possibility of Utopia is explored during a 360 degree rotation.

  3. (c) Siege Dehing

    (c) Siege Dehing

    The end of a polyglot summer at BabelBühne!

    Feest >> Party >> 派对  >> Fiesta >> Feier >> Gosti

    The season of 2021 ended with a closing party like a cherry on the top. BabelBühne is now prepared for a long winter sleep.

    The hammocks around the pond now provide a peaceful place of silence, where you can still dive in and dream about the summery warm encounters, multi-lingual performances, intimate concerts and jumpy (rain) dances.

    But there is nothing to be sad about: we are already in full preparation for BabelFestival 2022. It will be a blast, and also the last season ever...

    Starting from spring we will lure BabelBühne out of hibernation together with our volunteers.

    Until then you can share sweet memories over here or on our socials... or why don't you come over to camp on our site? 

  4. GolfGever




    Birder & GolfGever -> Verbeke Foundation

    From sunday 2 May until 31 October 2021 Birder and GolfGever move to the Verbeke Foundation, especially for the exposition Natura Naturata.

    Birder is a high-tech device for breeding birds and a futuristic sound box. Each species of bird propagates a vision for the future. Together they play the music of the future.

    This installation got the most conveniant spot: next to the bird cages.

    A little further you can chill on GolfGeveran enormous wave on which you can sit or lie down. Nestle in its curves, allow yourself to float and get in touch with yourself and others. 


    Concept: Rooftoptiger
    Sound: Aarich Jespers
    Image: Beau Van Hoydonck