1. SEPTEMBER BabelFestival | BabelBühne, Archipelsite

    (* BabelBar opens one hour in advance)

    Sun 19 16h-18h | BabelBad | Writers duo Jeyda Yagiz and Moya De Feyter host an impressive delegation of international climate poets, with poetry in Frisian, Portuguese, Dutch, Cape Verdian, Mazuric, English and Spanish of Syds Wiersma, Adilça Rodrigues Soares, Ale Oseguera, Annelie David, Belén Berlín and Yousra Benfquih. About our lovely diverse planet, about the extinction of languages, animals and vegetation, about the connection between language and home and history, about poetry as an antidote to division. - reservations

    Fri till Sun 24-25-26 | KunstZ-weekend | You are about to discover a wide variety of art forms aboard this artistic creative platform.

    OCTOBER 2021

    Sun 10.10.21, 13-18h WELFARE MACHINE Ecodroom @Rivierenhof, Deurne